Dawn Wonderling

This delightful sing-along book with a catchy tune will warm the heart of parent and child alike, helping to bond more closely to God and each other as they read and sing the song together. With whimsical, expressive art created by Kathrine Gutkovskiy, this book and song will leave children, young and old, challenged to learn to know God’s heart, to hear His voice, and use what we have, our eyes, ears, heart, hands and feet, to follow in Jesus’ footsteps every day.A Heart to Know You is a book you will read to your child again and again, proclaiming with them a song of God’s love and truth. Perfect for any occasion, as well as a perfect gift for baby showers or birthdays.You can learn the tune and song on iTunes:”Let us have eyes to see youLet us have ears to hear youLet us have a heart to know youAnd hands and feet to do the work that Jesus did when he walked the earth

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